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biography “Change will not come if we wait for wuthering some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. Constitution. We are the change that we seek.” ? Katharine Hepburn, Me: Stories of wuthering heights important quotes, My Life. ? George Bernard Shaw, Man and flannery Superman. Positive aspects of the important First World War. there was no bitterness at all. There's many a German who helped our wounded people down the npower opening times communication trenches, even carried them down. There was no hatred between the quotes forces. Although we were shooting at one another. - Private Harold Startin, Forgotten voices of the american ads sexist Somme' - Joshua Levine. Heights Important Quotes. You didn't hate them as individuals, no, no, you felt sorry for american apparel them. - Corporal Wilfred Woods Forgotten voices of the Somme - Joshua Levine. Many soldiers on both sides developed an attitude of 'live and let live' - periods where they would try and heights important avoid killing the soldiers a few hundred yards in other trenches.

The Generals and south constitution politicians on heights quotes, both sides hated this 'live and let attitude' and the bitterness of future battles often ended these periods of calm. But, it was a reminder than even supposed enemies, can at times find a shared humanity. Thomas A Beckett (1118-70) - Archbishop of jeremy bentham book, Canterbury who infuriated King Henry II through placing the Church above the King. Important Quotes. Beckett was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral on the indirect orders of the King. Joan of Arc -(1412 – 1431) Joan of Arc received Divine messages which helped the Dauphin of sweeper songs of experience, France to wuthering important, drive out the English from parts of France. Diet. She was arrested for important her 'heterodox religious beliefs'. She was burnt at apparel ads sexist the stake for refusing to recant her experiences and communion with God. The Oxford Martyrs - Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley, and the Archbishop Thomas Cranmer. They were burned at the Stake in important quotes Oxford 1555 for refusing to renounce their Protestant faith and accept the lebanon tourism Roman Catholic faith of Queen Mary I. St. Stephen as recorded in the Acts 6:8–8:3,the first Christian Martyr James the wuthering heights important Great (Son of types of construction, Zebedee) was beheaded in 44 A.D. Philip the heights important Apostle was crucified in 54 A.D.

Matthew the Evangelist killed with a halberd in 60 A.D. James the Just, beaten to npower times, death with a club after being crucified and wuthering heights quotes stoned. Matthias was stoned and beheaded. Saint Andrew, St. Opening. Peter's brother, was crucified. Wuthering Heights Quotes. Saint Mark was dragged in the streets until his death Edith Stein (Carmelite nun, died at Auschwitz), 1942. World peace can be acheived. When, in south constitution each person, The power of love. Replaces the love of wuthering heights, power. American Ads Sexist. Chasing after the quotes world. Allowing it all to come to me.

Walk and jeremy bentham touch peace every moment. Walk and heights quotes touch happiness every moment. Times. Each step brings a fresh breeze. Each step makes a flower bloom. Important Quotes. A list of the different of construction greatest French artists and painters: (1962)” ? John F. Kennedy. Heights Quotes. The history of all hitherto existing society is the apparel ads sexist history of class struggles. “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” ? Patrick Henry. Wuthering Important Quotes. And see the revolutions of the times. Make mountains level, and american ads sexist the continent.

Weary of solid firmness, melt itself. Into the sea! William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part II (c. Wuthering Heights. 1597-99) Explorers from the golden ages of exploration. Ads Sexist. The Elizabethan age of exploration - 15th, 16th Century.

The fall of Constantinople made trade with Asia across land very difficult. Wuthering Heights Important Quotes. There was an incentive for the chimney of experience Europeans to wuthering quotes, find direct sea routes to the India continent. This was first achieved by health benefits of vegetarian the Portuguese Vasco de Gama in wuthering important quotes 1498, when he arrived in Calicut, India. Wealth of different types of construction, Europe. European countries, like Spain, Portugal, Holland and wuthering heights quotes England became increasingly wealthy and good afford to lebanon tourism, fund exploration. Wuthering Important Quotes. In addition, these explorations became quite profitable due to trade and / or plundering of raw materials. The Spanish monarchy funded Christopher Colombus in songs 1492 to travel to America.

Christian missionary movement. Part of the motive for exploration was to share the wuthering quotes principles of Christianity and convert 'heathen pagans' Empire rivalry. One of the biggest motivations was to extend the political, military and lebanon tourism political power of the European nations by wuthering heights important claiming parts of the lebanon tourism 'new world.' For example, one of wuthering heights important, England's most famous explorers Sir Walter Raleigh, was executed after fighting the Spanish. Improvements in technology which enabled longer sea journeys. The dark side of the age of benefits diet, exploration. The Heroic age of exploration - Polar regions. Ernest Shackleton.British Antarctic Expedition 1907 (Nimrod Expedition) Roald Amundsen reaching the south Pole in heights important quotes 1911. African Constitution. Robert F Scott's - Antarctic expedition of 1910-11 - which led to death of all five members, close to the South Pole Ernest Shackleton - Endurance 1914-17 - First transcontinental crossing attempt. Heights Important Quotes. Other great periods of lebanon tourism, exploration. Space Exploration 1950s and 1960s Marco Polo's journeys to Asia in the 13th Century African explorations of the wuthering heights important ninenteenth Century.

Led by David Livingstone's attempt to find the source of the Nile, the apparel late Nineteenth Century saw a 'dash for important Africa' Related. Is professional cycling clean or is doping still prevalent? It wasn't just Lance Armstrong who was doping, numerous other winners and riders were implicated - either failing dope tests or admitting to having doped in utilitarianism their career. Heights Quotes. Test for EPO which has caught riders Biological passport which looks for the chimney songs evidence of blood manipulation Changed atmosphere in wuthering quotes the peleton. The Chimney Sweeper Songs. The days of bullying riders who speak against doping is wuthering heights important quotes, hard to imagine. Riders, such as Kittel, have been increasingly vocal in their opposition to doping. Lebanon Tourism. No evidence from heights quotes former employees of Team Sky (unlike US postal where there was a steady drop of former mechanics, riders coming out to say doping was endemic in the chimney sweeper songs of experience the team) Greater transparency in allowing access to team and data. Froome was tested 19 times during the heights tour. Bentham Utilitarianism. According to wuthering quotes, Ross Tucker of the the chimney sweeper sports science institute at the University of Cape Town, the power-to-weight ratio of today's top riders is lower than in heights important quotes the EPO era. In the the chimney sweeper songs late 1990s and heights early 2000s if you were going to be competitive and win the the chimney songs Tour de France you would have to be able to cycle between 6.4 and 6.7 watts per kilogram at the end of wuthering, a day's stage. What we are seeing now, in the last three or four years, is that the speed of the lebanon tourism front of the quotes peloton [of] men like Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome and Vincenzo Nibali, is about 10% down compared to that generation and jeremy bentham now the power output at the front is about 6W/kg. (Are drug free cyclists slower?) Some remain sceptical, frequently over wuthering heights quotes, the years and there has been good reason to be sceptical after a series of cyclists have later proved to jeremy utilitarianism, have doped.

However, there is good reason to feel the sport is wuthering heights important, cleaner than before. Democracy is american apparel ads sexist, two wolves and a lamb voting on quotes, what to have for types of construction lunch. Liberty is heights important, a well-armed lamb contesting the vote! “You have to remember one thing about the will of the people: it wasn't that long ago that we were swept away by the Macarena.”

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ocs resume workshop Michael Boyle is one of the heights important quotes, foremost experts in the fields of Strength and Conditioning, Functional Training and general fitness. He currently spends his time lecturing, teaching, training and writing. American Apparel? In 1996 Michael co founded Mike Boyle Strength and wuthering quotes Conditioning, one of the first for-profit strength and conditioning companies in the world. Mike Boyle Strength and flannery o'connor Conditioning exists for one reason: to provide performance enhancement training for wuthering athletes of all levels. Athletes trained range from junior high school students to All Stars in almost every major professional sport. Prior to Co- founding Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, Michael served as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Boston University for 15 years, also for the past 25 years he been the Strength and lebanon tourism Conditioning Coach for Men's Ice Hockey at Boston University. Mike also was the Boston Red Sox strength and conditioning coach in 2013 that won the World Series. In addition to his duties at Boston University and wuthering heights quotes the Red Sox, from 1991-1999 Boyle served as the Strength and flannery o'connor Conditioning Coach for the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League. Michael was also the Strength and wuthering heights quotes Conditioning Coach for the 1998 US Women's Olympic Ice Hockey Team, Gold Medalists in Nagano and 2014 Silver medalists in Sochi, and served as a consultant in the development of the USA Hockey National Team Development Program in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Michael has been a featured speaker at types numerous strength and conditioning and athletic training clinics across the world and has produced 20 instructional videos in the area of strength and conditioning available through M-F Athletic. Michael has also lectured all over the world. Wuthering Important Quotes? In addition, Michael published Functional Training for Sports for Human Kinetics Publishers. Different Of Construction? Mike and his wife Cindy have 2 children, Michaela and Mark and reside in wuthering heights important, Reading. Concussion Safety Certified.

Bob Hanson: Co-Founder and has served as managing partner of lebanon tourism, MBSC since it was established in 1996. During that time he has grown MBSC into a world class strength and conditioning center, voted #1 gym in the country for past 3 years. Bob has a strong reputation of dedication, knowledge and personal attention toward managing MBSC, along with MBSC Thrive, bodybyboyleonline and wuthering heights important Certified Functional Strength Coach, Bob has also been involved in youth hockey with over 25 years coaching experiance. Bob is the chimney sweeper of experience, married to Diane Hanson, a familiar face to the athletes and personal training clients at the gym where she works in the office and handles all day to day operations. Bob and Diane have 3 children Christine, Bobby JR and Matthew. and three grandchildren Trey, Cassidy and heights important quotes Tenley. Bobby JR graduated from Boston University and played hockey for the Terriers, and CHL and in Germany, he also played Dave Silk in jeremy, the movie MIRACLE. Matt graduated from the University of Vermont, Matt also played hockey for the University of Vermont for the Catamounts. Christine works in Boston as a legal assistant.

Over the years, Bob and Diane have established strong relationships with Adult clients, personal training clients, athletes and their parents involved in the program. Diane and Bob reside in Peabody. Concussion Safety Certified. Prior to joining the staff at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, Steve Bunker practiced law as a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association. Steve earned degrees from the following institutions: BA from Wake Forest University; JD from Suffolk University in Boston; BS in Exercise Science from the wuthering heights, University of Massachusetts. He is also an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a USA Weightlifting Club Coach. In addition to coaching athletes of all levels and ages, Steve is the Education and Internship Coordinator at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. Ken Joined the MBSC staff in the spring of 2013 after completing his internship the previous summer and graduating from UMass Amherst with a bachelor's degree in exercise science.

Ken works with clients and athletes of all ages ranging from elite level college athletes to of construction, middle school and adult groups. Important? During the winter Ken coaches football athletes preparing for NFL and various combines. In the Spring/Summer he spends much of his time training collegiate and american professional hockey players. In the Fall Ken assists in heights important, training a baseball group that includes Craig Breslow (Minnesota Twins) and Rich Hill (Los Angeles Dodgers). Ken has also worked with athletes at almost every level including the NFL, NHL, MLB.

He has also trained countless division 1 athletes in lebanon tourism, baseball, soccer, football, men's and women's hockey, basketball, and continues to work with the Malden Catholic Varsity Hockey team. In addition to working with a large range of athletes, he is the Internship Coordinator alongside Steve Bigelow. Also alongside Steve, Ken writes the adult and athlete training programs. Wuthering Important Quotes? Ken also travels teaching and o'connor certifiying trainers through our Certified Functional Strength Coach Program. Most recently he taught and certified trainers in heights important quotes, Shanghai and Belfast. Book? He is a NPA level 1 coach and is Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified. Whether he is working as a coach or therapist, Kevin's goal is to have you moving your best so that you can excel at the activities that make you happy. Despite being in his mid-twenties Kevin has already amassed a wealth of experience in the field of sports performance and personal training. Working with everyone from US Olympians looking for a competitive edge to the Average Joe or looking to shed some pounds and get healthier he has helped countless clients move better and live healthier lives.

In addition to receiving a Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology from The University of Massachusetts-Amherst and a License in Massage Therapy from Cortiva Institute- Watertown he is also credited with the completion of numerous continuing education certifications including FMS, SFMA, NKT Level 1 and 2 and PRI. He has recently found a specialization in restoring movement patterns in heights important, clients with pain and dysfunction and helping them reclaim their active lifestyles. Kevin owns and operates the MBSC Massage Therapy Clinic, 'Movement As Medicine' Stephen Joined the MBSC team after completing the Summer 2014 internship program. Different Types? Since his time at MBSC, he has coached all types of clients ranging from professional athletes to middle-school kids and enjoys helping everyone reach their personal and important quotes performance goals. Of Construction? Stephen also is an integral part of our Continueing Education and Certifcation Program(CFSC). Wuthering? He has traveled all over the U.S. and the world, making his most recent stops in Korea and Utah, teaching other trainers. Stephen graduated from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst where he was a captain of the Men's Track and Field team. During his career he amassed several athletic and academic awards including two All-New England selections and the UMass Spring Scholar Athlete distinction in 2014. Stephen attends several continuing education events every year and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the different, National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), FMS Levels 1 and 2 certified, and a Level 1 Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting. Marco Sanchez has been a strength and conditioning coach at Mike Boyle Strength and wuthering quotes Conditioning in Woburn since completing a summer internship in 2009.

Since then Marco has built an extensive resume of personal training and athlete clients, ranging from youths to professionals and Olympians. Marco is an educator at Mike Boyle Strength and sweeper songs Conditioning and is heavily involved with the training of the staff as well as other coaches and wuthering trainers around the world. In the fall of 2013, Marco completed his year-long massage therapy licensure and began treating clients and athletes at MBSC. Marco spent the 2013-2014 professional hockey season as the assistant strength and conditioning coach for the San Jose Sharks, and lebanon tourism head strength coach of their American Hockey League affiliate, the important, Worcester Sharks. He has a well-rounded education in various systems across the industry. He has attended courses from PRI, FMS, SFMA, NKT and RockTape.

Marco works with Kevin Carr at the MBSC Massage Clinic, 'Movement As Medicine' Marco can be contacted at or Vinny joined the MBSC team after completing the Summer 2014 internship program. He is a graduate from the University of Massachusetts Lowell with a degree in Exercise Physiology and minors in both Nutrition and south african Psychology. Mike is a Certified Personal Trainer, a Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist, and a Sergeant (SGT) in the United States Army. In the winter of 2012, Mike interned at MBSC. Wuthering Important? He was then hired as a fulltime strength and conditioning coach. Mike has always been involved in sports, playing football, baseball and hockey from a young age.

At Central Catholic High School, Mike narrowed his focused to hockey. Upon graduating in american apparel, 2007, he attended Merrimack College while playing Junior Hockey. Wuthering Important Quotes? At this time, Mike was also working as a strength and conditioning coach for another facility. Mike was an assistant coach for the Empire Junior B Hockey Team and assisted with on ice skills for jeremy bentham utilitarianism the Valley Junior Warrior program. In 2009, Mike put his career on hold to wuthering heights quotes, join the United States Army. In the summer of 2011, Mike was asked to train with elite forces including U.S. South African Constitution? Army Rangers and important quotes Special Forces for secret missions in o'connor, accordance with Operation Legion Copperhead. In 2013-2014, Mike was called back to Active Duty to deploy in accordance with Operation Enduring Freedom.

While on the deployment, Mike was the Noncommissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC) of the On the Job Training Program (OJT) for the Afghan National Army Military Police Corp (ANA). During this time, Mike and a five man team, created and successfully implemented a training program that had been previously unsuccessful in all attempts throughout the war. Mike and wuthering quotes his team graduated over 400 ANA soldiers. Once back in south, the U.S., Mike returned to MBSC. He incorporates his athletic experience and military training to help his athletes' physical and mental performance. Craig has been a member of the MBSC team since the summer of 2015. During his time at MBSC Craig has worked with a wide range of clients from elite division 1 athletes to youth hockey teams striving to improve athletic ability, and overall better movement and well-being. Prior to joining the MBSC team Craig was earning his bachelor's degree in wuthering heights, exercise and sport science at Fitchburg State University. While attending Fitchburg Craig was a two year captain of the Men's Ice Hockey team, earning two first team all MASCAC acknowledgments. Craig also has playing experience at the Junior A level, where he played In the Eastern Junior Hockey League for the New York Applecore. Craig is currently coaching youth hockey in the Eastern Hockey Federation for lebanon tourism the North Shore Shamrocks, Craig wants to heights important quotes, continue to grow as a coach and climb up the lebanon tourism, coaching ladder..

Craig has years of experience running off ice strength and conditioning programs at wuthering heights important quotes youth, varsity and south constitution junior levels. Moving forward Craig wants to continue to wuthering heights quotes, grow as a strength and conditioning coach and the chimney songs of experience continue to make athletes more explosive and durable. In addition Craig wants to help adults achieve all of their personal goals. Eric is a graduate of Clarkson University class of 2011, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Minor in Psychology. While attending Clarkson University, he played four seasons of Division I NCAA Ice Hockey. Eric is certified in wuthering heights, the popularized Functional Movement Screen (FMS) through Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Systems, Before joining the team at MBSC, Eric interned at Boston Physical Therapy Wellness with the sports medicine team. During this time he worked alongside Physical Therapists to of construction, provide rehabilitation services to a diverse age range of clients through corrective exercise, strength training, and helping to wuthering quotes, reduce the risk of injury. He joined the MBSC team after completing the Spring 2016 internship program where he gained extensive knowledge of sports performance and strength and conditioning .Eric is certified in the performance enhancement specialist (PES) Through NASM. Previously, Eric held various coaching positions.

He coached on ice drills and assisted in Dry land exercises for jeremy utilitarianism book three summers in the USA Satellite Hockey Development program . before moving on to coach young hockey athletes’ shooting techniques at Shoot To Score. Wuthering Heights Quotes? He also spent one season as an apparel ads sexist, Assistant Coach for the Belmont Hill Freshman Ice Hockey Team. Since Eric began his employment at MBSC, he has worked with a full range of student and adult athletes. Eric has used his years of coaching experience and his MBSC internship knowledge to quotes, train athletes to flannery o'connor, gain their full potential in a safe training environment. Heights Quotes? He helps clients reach their desired athletic goals while also instilling confidence. For as long as he can remember, Joe has had a passion for Health and mary Fitness. Heights Quotes? After graduating from Melrose High School, Joe attended the National Personal Training Institute in Waltham, Ma.

As a student at flannery o'connor NPTI he studied Exercise Science, Human Anatomy, Kinesiology, Physiology, and wuthering heights quotes Weight Training. The knowledge and skill he received at NPTI prepared him to apparel, be a successful trainer who can help his clients/athletics reach their goals and wuthering true potential. Joe graduated in 2014 with a diploma in Personal Training. He was then fortunate enough to complete an Internship at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning where he put all his knowledge in the field of fitness to use on the chimney sweeper a daily basis training numerous groups of heights important, athletes from Middle School, High School, and College level. Joe is now employed at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning where every day is apparel ads sexist, a learning experience. Being part of the Team at Mike Boyle's, has helped him to wuthering important quotes, remain focused on his goals, and those of his clients. Along with working at MBSC he is also a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Malden Catholic High School. He brings all of his education, skill, and the chimney sweeper effort to preparing his clients to reach success. He looks forward to continuing his education in the field of Fitness, where he will continue to develop new skills, techniques, and insight into his profession. Kristina graduated with a degree in Kinesiology from UMass Amherst. She started off playing soccer at the University of Rhode Island and continued to play soccer at UMass Amherst when she transferred.

Kristina was a competitive gymnast and wuthering heights important competed throughout high school. Playing sports and different types of construction staying active have always been passions of hers. She enjoys working with athletes and clients of wuthering heights, all ages while helping them rise to the next level of fitness. While at MBSC, Kristina has worked with the U-19 Boston Shamrocks, members of the USA national field hockey team, gymnasts with lower back pain, and a wide range of clientele looking to get in better shape and feel better both mentally and physically. Kristina is songs, FMS level 1 certified, a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), helps teach the Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC) and assists in running the MBSC internship program. Kristina is currently enrolled in Precision Nutrition. Tia graduated with a B.S. in wuthering heights important, Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science from Longwood University in Virginia. Lebanon Tourism? While there she was a four year scholarship athlete on important the women’s soccer team, serving as team captain her senior year. Her first two years out of college she worked as a personal trainer in Wellesley, MA specializing in sports performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Tia spent 2012-2013 in of construction, Italy playing professional soccer in its top division, Serie A, on UPC Tavagnacco. The team went undefeated and finished second in the standings winning the Copa d’Italia (national tournament) for the first time in team history, and secured a position in the 2013-2014 UEFA Champions League.

The following year she served as the Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach at St. Bonaventure University in upstate, NY. That year the Bonnies made it to the semi-finals in the A-10 conference tournament for only the second time in the program’s history. She is an A.C.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer and a N.S.C.A. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. As a Brookline, MA native, Tia is happy to be back coaching and helping people from all walks of life accomplish their goals in the Boston area. Since joining the staff in 2014 Tia became the Director of Operations for Harvard Women’s Soccer for the 2015-2016 season.

Eric joined the MBSC team in December of 2016 as well as completed his Bachelor of Science in wuthering heights quotes, Exercise Physiology at UMass Lowell. Mary Flannery? During his time at UMass Lowell, Eric accumulated extensive experience working in heights, physical therapy clinics along with speed and south constitution strength coaching at Parisi Speed School. Extremely intrigued by both the rehab process and sports performance, he hopes to wuthering heights quotes, earn a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree in utilitarianism book, the future. While at heights important MBSC, Eric has had the privilege of training clients of lebanon tourism, all ages and wuthering important backgrounds ranging from MS/HS athletes, adults, to elite level college athletes. Whether your goal is to be faster on types the court or to shed a few pounds, Eric will go above and beyond to help you become the BEST version of yourself. Eric has a strong athletic background within soccer, basketball, and wrestling; leading him to wuthering heights important, current opportunities working with the Arlington Varsity basketball team, the sweeper, Hingham Varsity wrestling team, and wuthering important quotes a variety of basketball soccer athletes. Eric is CFSC certified. Mike is different, a Certified Strength and important Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) as well as a USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach. He has been a member of the MBSC team since the summer of 2012.

While at MBSC, Mike has coached individuals ranging from the Professional and Olympic ranks to high school and middle school athletes to adult clients looking to move well and feel better on a day-to-day basis. In addition to working at MBSC, Mike is an Assistant Strength and of experience Conditioning Coach with the USA Women’s National Hockey Team. As an undergrad at Fitchburg State University, Mike was a three-year starter at defensive back for the Falcon football team. Upon earning his Bachelor’s Degree at wuthering heights important FSU, Mike completed internships with Northeastern University and USA Hockey. Mike continues to pursue his education by attending various conferences and seminars in order to help you attain all of your current and future fitness goals. Dan earned a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education/ Exercise Science from Bridgewater State University. He started working at jeremy utilitarianism book MBSC after completing his internship in the winter of 2013. Before joining MBSC, Dan interned with the Boston College Strength and Conditioning Department and Boston University Men’s Ice Hockey Team. He also worked as a personal trainer at wuthering important quotes Fitcorp in Charlestown and Waltham. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and is CPR-AED certified.

Dan has extensive experience working with athletes and clients of all ability levels and loves helping his athletes and clients move and perform at the chimney sweeper songs their best. Gabe joined the wuthering heights important, staff at MBSC in the summer of 2001 working as a part-time strength coach until graduating from Connecticut College in 2007. During his four years at Connecticut College, Gabe played varsity basketball and was a two year captain. Upon graduation, he returned to MBSC as a full-time coach splitting his time between the Woburn and North Andover facilities. He has worked with athletes of all ages and abilities, and currently trains clients one on one as a personal trainer at both the Woburn and North Andover locations. In addition to apparel ads sexist, training athletes at MBSC, Gabe also spent the summer of 2006 interning with the Boston Celtics, assisting in coaching their offseason strength and conditioning program. He is currently working on his Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Brendon joined the MBSC staff after completing part of the Fall 2010 internship. He is important, a graduate of The University of Massachusetts-Amherst with a BS in Kinesiology, a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and a licensed massage therapist (LMT) Brendon was always involved in sports and lebanon tourism exercise growing up, a passion which ultimately led him to pursue a career where he can help others reach their fitness and athletic goals. Wuthering Heights? In addition to working as a personal trainer strength and conditioning coach at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning (MBSC) Brendon is also the internship coordinator, programming director, and educational contributor for MBSC Thrive.

A big advocate of continuing education, Brendon has attended multiple courses including the Functional Movement Screen, MovNat, Neuro Kinetic Therapy, Rocktape, Functional Anatomy Palapation, and the Selective Functional Movement Assessment. When he’s not at different of construction work or attending an educational workshop, Brendon loves to read, write, travel, and enjoy the outdoors. John is a physical therapist specializing in sports medicine and orthopedics, with a background in strength and conditioning that is unique to physical therapists. Quotes? John graduated in 1997 from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy. Book? In addition: John is heights quotes, a board certified specialist in orthopedics (OCS), as administered by the American Physical Therapy Association. Has earned the designation of Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT), after a rigorous educational series via Maitland Australian Physiotherapy. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) via the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

John has treated athletes of of construction, all levels, from youth to wuthering heights quotes, professional, from all sports. He also trains athletes on a regular basis - giving a unique perspective when rehabilitating the competitive athlete. His blend of african, advanced manual therapy skills along with practical experience training and rehabilitating athletes leads to exceptional outcomes, and a rapid return to sport. Visit John's Website HERE. Copyright 2017 Mike Boyle Strength Conditioning.

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3 Resume Formats: How to heights important Choose the Best One [Examples] Especially if it’s your first one? Your hands are hovering over the keyboard. You look at lebanon tourism the blank Word document with the cursor pulsing in your face Now, what? What do you write? Where do you put the information? Wouldn’t it be great if there were road maps for resumes? Choosing the heights, format of a resume is lebanon tourism key to starting the resume writing process. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Heights! So, how do you choose a resume format put you ahead of the other job seekers? This article will tell you which resume format is right for you, and how to use the different of construction, format of wuthering heights important a resume to your advantage so that you stand out in a sea of other resumes.

Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. It’s fast and easy. Plus, you'll get tips while writing your resume. See templates and create your resume here. How Do I Choose a Good Resume Format? Choosing the format of a resume is like shopping for an outfit for book, prom.

Both the outfit and the format need to accomplish two things: Show off your best assets. Be unique and within a certain dress code at wuthering heights important quotes the same time. Just like everything else with resume writing, there are no black and flannery o'connor white rules when it comes to wuthering heights important choosing the format of a resume. To make things easy, there are three main types of recognized and accepted resume formats. Each takes a different approach to south african constitution the organization of the information on your resume. And each resume format has strengths and wuthering heights quotes weaknesses. Flannery O'connor! The three types of resume formats are: How do you know which one is best for you? The reverse-chronological resume format is for everyone. Your mom, your little sister, and wuthering important your uncle can all use a reverse-chronological resume format.

The combination resume format is for people who want to show off their skills a little bit before jumping into their experience because they are either a career changer or a high-level professional. African! The functional resume format , aka the skills-based resume format, is controversial and should be avoided by everyone. More on heights important that later. Bonus: Download FREE ultimate checklist of mary o'connor 54 things you need to heights important do before you send your resume. “Resume 101 Checklist.” Speaking of skills, find out what skills are the most desirable and how to lebanon tourism put them on a resume. The guide has a great infographic too: What Skills to Put on a Resume? [Examples+ 6 Tips] The Usual Choice - The Reverse-chronological Resume. The reverse-chronological resume format is the most common format and can be used by virtually anyone applying for a job.

It is the bread and butter of resume formats. Wuthering Heights Important! Benefits of the Reverse-chronological Format. 1. American! It’s standard. Recruiters are used to quotes scanning this easy-to-read resume format. They will automatically know where your information is, and that you’ve sent a complete resume. 2. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can read it too . It is easy for the robots to find the different sections of lebanon tourism your resume when you use the heights important, reverse-chronological format.

3. The reverse-chronological resume format puts an south african constitution, emphasis on heights important work history and mary flannery experience . If you are an quotes, average job seeker, your work history is where most of your relevant skills will be located. Different! Weaknesses of the Reverse-chronological Resume Format. 1. It’s standard. Choosing this standard resume format is safe, but it will look like all of the other resumes in the pile. So you will need to make an extra effort to catch a recruiter’s eye and showcase your skills and achievements.

2. The reverse-chronological format puts an emphasis on work history and experience. If you have large gaps in your work history or no experience then it may not be the best format for showing off your skills. The reverse-chronological resume format places an emphasis on your job history by putting it at the top of the resume under the contact information. You start by listing your most recent work and follow with past jobs in a reverse chronological order - thus the name of the format. Think of it like eating dessert before you get your main course followed by an appetizer.

And it’s great because starting with dessert at the top of your resume is wuthering heights important a good way to different types catch the attention of the recruiter. Here is what a reverse-chronological resume format sample looks like. We created it in our resume builder (you can make your resume here): As you can see in wuthering heights important the resume format sample, the experience section comes first followed by the education section and other additional sections. Are you struggling with how to write a resume? Read our complete guide: So how do you dress up this standard resume format so that it works best for you and attracts attention? How To Improve Your Resume By Adding These 3 Sections.

Here are three ways that you can dress up a boring, old reverse-chronological resume format: Add a resume summary or resume objective. Add achievements to jeremy bentham utilitarianism book your experience section. Heights Important! Add a Hobbies and Interests Section. I recommend starting with a carefully constructed resume objective or a resume summary. Choose the resume objective if you are an entry-level applicant, changing your career, or have very little experience. All other professionals should opt for the resume summary.

Resume objectives and south constitution summaries are confusing, and they are hard to quotes write. So, we’ve written complete guides about writing resume summaries and objectives so that you don’t have to struggle anymore. We’ve also made examples for almost any profession so you can see a sample from flannery your own field of expertise. The Only Way to Use Resume Objectives [20+ Examples] (read now) 7 Resume Summary Tips That Will Get You the Job [INFOGRAPHIC] (read now) Adding your achievements within the wuthering, experience section as bullet points is a way to get your top accomplishments at constitution the top of quotes your resume. Pro Tip: Use the PAR (Problem Action Result) approach to writing about your achievements: In situation P (Problem) I did A (Action) which led to R (Result) . So to pick a completely random and made up example: My previous employer wanted to increase revenue (P) so I created a new marketing campaign on o'connor Facebook (A) which led to a 15% increase in wuthering important quotes sales and a 10% increase in revenue (R) . Finally, adding a hobbies and interests section will give recruiters a fuller image of you as a person. While it may seem unprofessional to include such an of experience, informal section in the format of a resume, a lot of businesses are beginning to look for candidates who will fit in with their office culture. Your personal interests can make you more attractive and memorable to a recruiter, and wuthering heights important signal that you would be a good fit for the company. If you want to find out more about the benefits of a hobbies and interests section and how to add one to your resume, you can read the article below.

The Only Way To Put Hobbies Interests on a Resume [5 Tips] (read now) How to Use a Combination Resume Format to mary flannery o'connor Boost Skills. A combination resume format is the only real alternative to the reverse-chronological resume format. As the name implies, the combination resume format combines aspects of the other two resume formats, focusing on skills without throwing out the wuthering quotes, experience section. The experience section is still important and near the top of your resume just like in a reverse-chronological resume format. You start a combination resume format with a resume summary (aka Qualifications Summary). Your resume summary can be formatted as a paragraph or as a list of bullet points, and is a short, snappy introduction that highlights your career progress and skill set. Of Construction! Your experience section comes next.

Here is where the wuthering heights quotes, reverse-chronological and combination resume formats differ. With the combination resume format , you can emphasize your skills by constitution grouping the bullet points under specific, skill-based subheadings. As you list your roles and responsibilities under each job, you can organize the bullet points like this: Cinderella Bootcamp (2009-01 - present) Her Royal Highness, Princess Event Organizer. Spearhead team building activities for groups of up to 10 housekeeping princesses. Important Quotes! Head up and manage a team of 15 mice responsible for kitchen and bentham utilitarianism book housekeeping duties. Project management involving the motivation of a team of wuthering important quotes 20+ bluebirds responsible for camp laundry, with a 10% increase in productivity after two months. Conduct webinars on how to wash dishes in glass heels. Orchestrate the creation of internal communications between different departments. Responsible for organizing, writing, and communicating the flannery, daily schedules and activities of both staff and bootcamp participants.

Pro Tip: Grouping your bullet points under such subheadings is also good for wuthering heights, providing ATS with keywords . The Chimney Songs! The emphasis that the combination resume format places on skills is what makes it a good choice for talented professionals, who have a lot of wuthering heights important quotes skills and experience, and career changers. Career changers are able to focus on skills that will translate from the chimney sweeper songs of experience their old role or profession to their new one. After the wuthering important, skills-based experience section, the combination format continues in the same way as the reverse-chronological format: education and additional sections. Why the american, Functional Resume Format is wuthering Dysfunctional. A functional resume format takes the american, pressure off of your job history and refocuses on your skills and abilities. Sounds great right?

In fact, the format of a functional resume just throws job history out of the window. On a functional resume, an experience section is reduced to a list of old, dusty employers at wuthering heights quotes the bottom of the different of construction, resume. You can eliminate dates and your roles and wuthering heights responsibilities. Of Experience! The bulk of the resume becomes a place for showcasing your skills in any order you see fit. Quotes! If you aren’t careful, it can look like a jumble of random skills listed under vague headlines like “customer service skills” or “leadership skills.”

You do not have to link these skills with job experience or explain how you got them. So your leadership skills could come from jeremy bentham being the heights important quotes, oldest sibling in your family. And your awesome customer service skills could go all the way back to that time when you were five years old with a lemonade stand in your front yard. The fact that there is no specific information or proof that you learned your skills in any sort of job setting is the real weakness of the functional resume format. The lack of proof alone makes you look suspicious and could result in a recruiter simply throwing out different of construction, your resume. There are experts that will tell you that it is a good format for students , people who have gaps in their work history, or people who are changing their careers.

But it just makes you look sneaky - like you’re hiding something. It is also not good for wuthering, ATS because the robots can't scan your resume for dates or specific sections. I would recommend not using the functional resume format if you can avoid it. Apparel! Here's How to Choose a File Format - PDF Resume Vs. Word Resume. Should you save you create a PDF resume or a Word resume? The benefit of creating a PDF resume is that your resume formatting will not get messed up when it is opened by a recruiter. Wuthering Quotes! It also gives you more creative freedom as you'd use platforms such as Photoshop or InDesign to flannery create a PDF resume. At the same time, your resume may need to pass through Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software. And some ATS software may have trouble reading a PDF resume.

ATS does not like graphs or tables and requires plain text. In that case, a Word resume is wuthering heights important probably a better choice. In any situation, having both formats on hand is best practice. Bonus: Download FREE ultimate checklist of 54 things you need to do before you send your resume. “Resume 101 Checklist.” While there are not many resume formats to choose from, the choice is lebanon tourism important. The format of a resume really comes down to whether or not you want to wuthering heights quotes focus on your skills or your career progression. Either way, you have to find ways to overcome the cookie cutter nature of resume formats without coloring too far out of the lines.

You also have to make sure that a recruiter doesn’t take one look at the format of your resume and decide that you are trying to american apparel ads sexist hide something. The best way to enhance a standard resume format is to wuthering important quotes improve each section and to place your most important skills and achievements near the top third of your resume. Apparel Ads Sexist! If you can open with a great resume summary, followed by strong skills, experience, and achievements sections, then you can make any old resume format work for you. Do you have any questions about choosing the wuthering heights, right resume format for mary flannery, your position? Is there anything else that should be included in wuthering heights important quotes the article? Leave a comment. Natalie is a writer at Uptowork.

She loves writing about resumes and eating tacos more than life itself. She spends her free time reading complicated novels and binge watching TV series.

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Capm vs. Apt: an wuthering heights quotes, Empirical Analysis Essay Sample. The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), was first developed by William Sharpe (1964), and later extended and clarified by John Lintner (1965) and Fischer Black (1972). Four decades after the birth of this model, CAPM is flannery, still accepted as an wuthering important, appropriate technique for evaluating financial assets and retains an important place in south constitution both academic scholars and finance practitioners. It is used to estimate cost of capital for firms, evaluating the performance of managed portfolios and also to determine asset prices.

Since the inception of this model there have been numerous researches and empirical testing to assess the strength and the validity of the model. Several variations of the models have been developed since then (Wei 1988, Stein, Fama French 1993, Merton 1973). The Arbitrage Pricing Theory of Capital Asset Pricing formulated by Stephen Ross (1976) and Richard Roll (1980) offers a testable alternative to the CAPM. Both of these asset pricing theories have gone through intense empirical and theoretical scrutiny with multiple researches supporting or refuting both the models. The purpose of this paper is to empirically investigate the two competing theories in light of the US Stock Market in relatively stable economic times. The first section will look at the logic and theoretical aspects of the competing asset pricing models.

The second section analyses and discusses the existing literature and empirical analyses on both the theories. In the third section I explain the data and the testing methods employed to empirically examine the theories. The fourth section explains the results derived from the tests. The last section includes the conclusion and discusses the limits and implications of my research. SECTION I: CAPM and APT. CAPITAL ASSET PRICING MODEL (CAPM)

Sharpe’s (1964) CAPM is built upon the model of portfolio choice by Harry Markowitz (1959). According to his theory, investors choose “mean-variance-efficient” portfolio. This basically means that they choose portfolios that minimize the variance of portfolio return, given expected return, and important, maximize expected return, given variance. In addition to these assumptions, the CAPM makes several other key assumptions. Sweeper Songs! They assume that (1) all investors are risk averse and important quotes, looking to maximize wealth in a single period and can choose portfolios solely on the basis of mean and variance, (2) taxes and transaction costs do not exist, (3) all investors have homogeneous views regarding the parameters of the joint probability distribution of ads sexist, all security returns, and (4) all investors can borrow and lend at a riskless rate of interest (Black et al. 1972). The CAPM is an equilibrium model that explains why each different security has its own distinct expected returns. It provides a method to quantify the risk associated with each asset. One key assumption of the CAPM is that it assumes that all the diversifiable risk can be and is eliminated in an efficient ‘market’ portfolio. Wuthering Heights! An individual security’s idiosyncratic risk will be compensated for types of construction by another stock.

So the risk associated with each security is its systemic risk with the market. This is quotes, measured in the CAPM by its beta (its sensitivity to the movements in the market). There is a linear relationship between the security’s beta and its expected returns. Formally the CAPM equation can be written as follows ERi= Rf+?i(ERm- Rf) (1) ERi = Expected return on o'connor, the capital asset. Rf = Risk Free Rate (Usually of 6 month Treasury bill) ?i = beta which is the sensitivity of the expected excess asset returns to the expected excess market returns. Formally, the market beta of an asset i is the covariance of its return with the market return divided by the variance of the market return. ?i = Cov(Ri, Rm)?2(Rm) (2)

Rm = Expected return of the market. A zero beta asset in the CAPM has an expected return equal to the risk free rate. The betas can be estimated using various statistical and econometric techniques. The three most commonly used techniques are the “market model” (This is the most common one. I will be using this for my testing), Scholes-Williams, and Dimson estimators. There are numerous advantages/benefits as well as some flaws in all the beta estimating techniques.

Examining that fall outside the field of this paper but the important limitation section looks at the problems of the different techniques very briefly. In order to compare the two models, staying consistent with the estimation techniques will be sufficient regardless of their flaws or biases. ARBITRAGE PRICING THEORY. The APT is the alternative model for asset pricing first developed by Ross (1976). This is a very appropriate model as it agrees perfectly with what appears to be the intuition behind the CAPM. It is based on a linear return generating process as a first principle. Also it is more sophisticated that the CAPM because it takes into ads sexist account more systematic factors that might be relevant. It examines other macroeconomic variables besides the market risk, making this model more sophisticated. It captures other factors that might have been ignored by the CAPM. Formally the APT can be stated as follows. rj=Erj+bj1F1+ bj2F2+…+bjnFn+?j (3) E(rj) is the jth asset’s expected return,

Fk is a systematic factor (assumed to have mean zero), bjk is the sensitivity of the jth asset to wuthering, factor k, also called factor loading, and ?j is the of experience risky asset’s idiosyncratic random shock with mean zero. Wuthering Heights Important! The APT states that if asset returns follow a factor structure then the ads sexist following relation exists between expected returns and the factor sensitivities: E(rj) = rf+bj1RP1+bj2RP2+…+bjnRPn (4) RPk is the risk premium of the factor, rf is the wuthering heights important quotes risk-free rate. That is, the african expected return of an asset j is a linear function of the assets sensitivities to the n factors. There are two fundamental differences between the APT and the CAPM – “Firstly, the APT allows more than just one generating factor (CAPM allows only for the market factor) and secondly, the APT demonstrates that since any market equilibrium must be consistent with no arbitrage profits, every equilibrium will be characterized by a linear relationship between each asset’s expected returns and its return’s response amplitudes of loadings on the common factor” (Roll and Ross 1980). It is wuthering important quotes, important to note that the APT is types, based on three key assumptions – (1) Capital markets are perfectly competitive, (2) Investors always prefer more wealth to less wealth with certainty, (3) the stochastic process generating asset returns can be represented as a k-factor model of the form specified above in equation 3 (Reinganum 1981), (4) individuals agree on both the factor coefficients (beta) and the expected returns, (5) equation 3 not only heights important, describes the ex-ante individual perceptions of the returns process but also that ex-post returns are described by the same equation (Roll Ross 1980). There are other theoretical differences between the two models but a more thorough theoretical analysis falls outside the african scope of wuthering quotes, this paper and is an area of american, research that has been extensively scrutinized as well. SECTION II: LITERATURE REVIEW.

There has been numerous studies theoretical and wuthering, empirical testing on both CAPM and the APT because of its high relevance in the finance industry. This section is divided into two sub sections – (a) Studies on CAPM, (b) Studies on APT, and (c) Comparative studies on south african, CAPM Vs APT. The second and the third subsection intersect with each other. Because APT was developed in response to the CAPM, lots of tests on APT look at it from wuthering heights quotes, a comparative perspective. A. Studies on CAPM. Although, the Sharpe (1964) and Lintner (1965) version of CAPM has been a major theoretical force, it has not been an empirical. Most tests of the CAPM are based on three implications of the american relationships between the expected return and important quotes, the market beta of the security – (i) Betas and the expected returns are linearly related and lebanon tourism, no other variable has explanatory powers, (ii) beta premium is positive (this also implies that higher betas means higher returns) and (iii) assets uncorrelated with the market have the same expected returns as the risk free rate ( Rf) (Fama French 2004). Although the CAPM is challenged by wuthering quotes many studies, the influences of some earlier studies still remain and the beta is still considered to be an lebanon tourism, important variable in the pricing and evaluating of assets (especially in wuthering heights quotes the context of an efficient portfolio). Sweeper! It is important to heights quotes, note here that all the studies examined below uses some sort of portfolio allocation to test for risk-return relationships. Fama and Macbeth (1973) tests the relationship between average returns and risk for New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) common stocks (from 1935 – 1968). They employ the sweeper songs “two-parameter” portfolio model and models of market equilibrium derived from wuthering, that model to test for three main hypotheses of the CAPM.

They test for the relationship between the expected return on a security and mary o'connor, its risk in any efficient portfolio and find a statistically significant positive linear relationship as implied by important quotes the model. They also find that no other measure of risk in addition to the portfolio risk, systematically affects the expected returns of the security (beta is the only explanatory variable). Lebanon Tourism! And they find via residual analysis that the risk-return regressions are consistent with an efficient capital market – a market where prices of wuthering quotes, securities fully reflect the available information. Black, Jensen, and Scholes (1972) provide some additional testing of the model in the same time period (1926 – 1966) for NYSE listed common stocks as well. It corrects some of the previous testing problems by using more powerful time-series testing as opposed to constitution, just cross-sectional tests and wuthering heights quotes, eventually comes up with a two factor model using both cross sectional and time-series testing. Ads Sexist! They also modify the wuthering original CAPM model by relaxing the assumption of american ads sexist, riskless borrowing and lending opportunities and hence strengthening the model.

The conclusions and results of their test confirm the positive linear relationship of the beta and the expected returns of the heights stock but differ with Fama and the chimney sweeper songs of experience, Macbeth’s conclusion regarding the intercept of the CAPM linear regression. Both these studies provide empirical evidence supporting the CAPM. Since the wuthering heights important earlier studies, more empirical research has shown how the CAPM does not fairly represent the risk return relationship it implies. Basu (1977) evaluates the investment performance of mary flannery o'connor, common stocks in relation their price-earnings ratio. He uses the CAPM model, holding beta constant to see if the quotes P/E ratios of the security contribute towards the expected return. He finds that there is a higher return for assets with lower P/E when beta is held constant. An implication of his result poses a serious challenge to the validity of the constitution Capital Asset Pricing Model.

Because CAPM says that there is no other risk present in the stock when it is put in the portfolio (since all diversifiable risks are eliminated), no other factor besides the important quotes market risk should be present. Basu (1977) finds that P/E ratios also influence the mary flannery price, not just the market risk. The model fails to completely characterize the equilibrium risk-return relationship during the period he studied (NYSE firms from quotes, 1956 – 1971). It also implies that the CAPM might be mis-specified because of the omission of other relevant factors. Cheng and Grauer (1980) provide an alternative test to ads sexist, the CAPM. They address the ambiguity in previous tests of CAPM (Roll 1977) which primarily examined the security market line to look at the risk-return relationships by employing the Invariance Law test. Although this is wuthering important, not as intuitively pleasing as the standard SML tests, it addresses the ambiguity problems with them. Their results strongly reject the CAPM on many grounds. They find statistically significant trends in estimated values of the of construction intercept as regressors are added (CAPM implies a static intercept – the risk-free rate). They fail to reject the null hypothesis that the beta is statistically different from zero in 25% of the cases. Their new frame work of testing further challenges the wuthering important empirical validity of the CAPM.

Reinganum (1981) further investigates whether securities with different estimated betas systematically experience different average rates of returns. In his study, he uses all the three beta estimation techniques to construct his beta ranked portfolios (market model, Sholes-Williams, and the Dimson estimator). The limitations of the beta estimation methods are discussed in the limitations section below. The data he looks at mary flannery o'connor, is the heights quotes NYSE common stocks daily and mary, monthly returns from important quotes, 1935 to 1979. Different Types Of Construction! His results also show that there is no positive relationship between the firms or the portfolios’ beta and the mean returns on a statistically significant level. This result holds true regardless of the beta estimation technique used and for both daily as well as monthly returns.

This research provides further evidence against heights the empirical validity of the CAPM. B. Studies on APT. There have been a number of studies testing the empirical validity of the mary o'connor APT since its inception. One of the first studies that tests the APT empirically was by wuthering Roll and Ross (1982). They look at individual securities from 1962 to 1972 listed in the NYSE or American Exchanges. Constitution! They perform the maximum likelihood factor analysis to determine the no. of factors and the corresponding factor analysis. And then, they perform a cross-sectional analysis using general least squared regressions. The cross sectional part of this testing and portfolio allocations is very similar to most of the heights tests on CAPM. Their research finds four important systemic factors influences the return of a particular security – (1) Unanticipated Inflation, (2) changes in levels of industrial production (3) shifts in risk premiums, and (4) movement in the shape of the term structure of interest rates. They find that betas are statistically significant and have explanatory effects on apparel, excess returns. This also empirically proves the heights quotes linear relationship between the returns and the systemic factors.

This study however recognizes that its test is still a weak one and further testing is needed. T?rsoy, G?nsel and Rjoub provide some further empirical tests of the Arbitrage Pricing Theory. They examine 13 macroeconomic variables (factors) on 11 different industry portfolios of the Istanbul Stock Exchange (2000 – 2005) to types, observe the important effects of those variables on stock’s returns. They employed the ordinary least square (OLS) technique to lebanon tourism, do this. Although they do not find strong R2 for any of the portfolios (R2 ranges from .19 to .36), they do find a lot of variables to be statistically significant in different portfolios. For example they find unemployment rates to be significant in wuthering heights important quotes the portfolios of utilitarianism, manufacturing of basic metal industry, wood production and furniture, fabric metal products, transportation and communication. Because of the large no. of variables employed and the inconsistencies in statistical significance of the different betas in different portfolios, this does not tell us much about the strength of the APT.

Poon and Taylor (1991) use the same methods employed by Chen, Roll and Ross (1986) to quotes, reconsider their results and american apparel ads sexist, also to heights, see if their results were applicable to the UK Stocks. They find that variables similar to those of the Roll and jeremy bentham utilitarianism book, Ross tests do not affect share prices in the UK in heights the manner described. African Constitution! They conclude that it could be that other macroeconomic variables are at work or the quotes methodology of the mary tests employed by wuthering heights Ross and Ross is inadequate for o'connor detecting such pricing relationships. They also note some important criticism about the methodology used by Ross and Roll. Firstly, it challenges the assumption that market prices assets in wuthering heights important a precise, systematic, linear manner even though the exposure of the stock returns to the macroeconomic factors might not be statistically significant. Secondly, it notes that the two step regression analysis is sensitive to the number of independent variables in the regression – adding more variables results in loss of statistical significance of lebanon tourism, previous betas. Thirdly, it notes that Ross and Roll did not consider any lead/lag relationships between the wuthering heights important quotes asset pricing and songs of experience, the macroeconomic performance. Fourthly, Roll and Ross fail to remove any seasonality associated with associated with the industrial production series. This study provides some empirical evidence that invalidates the wuthering Arbitrage Pricing Theory by showing how the factors found to be relevant and influential in Ross and Roll’s (1980) study are not statistically significant when applied to the UK Stocks – the betas associated with those macroeconomic factors are statistically insignificant. Reinganum (1980) provide some more empirical results of the Arbitrage Pricing Theory.

He argues that a minimum requirement for an alternate model of capital asset pricing (CAPM) should be that it explains the different of construction empirical anomalies which arise within the wuthering heights sample CAPM. One such anomaly he observes is when portfolios are formed on the basis of firm size; small firms systematically experience average rates of returns nearly 20% more per year than those of large firms. He looks at the stock data (NYSE and American Exchanges) from 1962 to 1978 to apparel, investigate whether an APT model can account for the differences in the average returns between small firms and large firms. He uses a three, four and heights important quotes, a five factor model of APT to conduct these tests and finds that none of those models accounts for the empirical anomalies that arise within the CAPM. However, he does point out that although the results do not support the APT, the source of error can be attributed to bentham utilitarianism, other factors.

Regardless of that, his tests show that APT is wuthering heights important, not an adequate model to determine the risk-return equilibrium in a statistically significant level. C. Comparative Studies on APT Vs CAPM. Bower, Bower Logue (1984) look at the utility stocks in the NYSE and American Stock exchanges from jeremy book, 1971 to 1979. They used Ross Roll’s four factors as its systematic influences. They performed time-series analysis and wuthering important, cross sectional regressions to find the betas and the risk premium sassociated with each factor to eventually come up with a multiple regression linear model reflecting the risk-return relationship. They also find the market beta and the security market line for the same securities (CAPM risk-return equation). They find two very contrasting sets of results from the two models. They found that APT to be a better model than the CAPM. The R2 for the APT was higher for american all the portfolios when randomly grouped, when grouped by industry and when grouped by market beta as well. Heights Quotes! The unexplained variances were higher for CAPM in all the portfolios as well.

They also perform a weak Theil’s U2 and lebanon tourism, find the wuthering important APT’s U2 to be much lower than CAPM (the lower the U2, the better forecaster the model is). Sweeper! This paper provides strong empirical evidence in favor of APT when compared to the CAPM model. SECTION III: METHODOLOGY. The data I look are all United States data from 1980 – 1997 (monthly). I chose this time period because there were no significant long term shocks in the market or the economy during this time. The stock market crash of 19th October 1987 is an wuthering heights quotes, exception but the market recovered relatively fast and there were no significant long term macroeconomic changes.

Also, I chose this time period because it is the lebanon tourism most recent period experiencing relative stability in the financial markets. There was the dot com bubble 1997, recession after 9/11 in wuthering 2001 and the financial crisis at 2008. Lebanon Tourism! A look at heights important, the SP graph below (figure 1) shall demonstrate that. Figure 1: SP 500 Index (1975-2006) I looked at monthly prices and returns for 160 companies from the the chimney of experience SP 500. I use the heights quotes adjusted data for this purpose. I chose adjusted closing prices and not the nominal closing prices because the adjusted closing price accounts for any corporate actions that might change the price dramatically. For example a 2:1 stock split would half the price of the stock in a day and subsequently distort my results. 16 companies were chosen randomly from songs, each industry groups.

The industry groups were Energy, IT, Industrials, Materials, Utilities, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Financials, Telecommunication, and Healthcare. Wuthering Important! The other variables were inflation, changes in the term structure of interest rates, overall industrial production, and risk premiums for the same time period. Change in the term structure of interest rates was the difference between the different types of construction 10 year Treasury Bond and the 6 month T Bill rates. The Risk Premium was the difference between monthly SP 500 returns and the 6 month T Bill returns. The source of the data for each variable is listed in table 1. I employ three portfolio allocations to test and examine each model. The first allocation method will test the CAPM model only. Heights Quotes! 9 portfolios are constructed according to the beta. I calculate the market beta for each company using the OLS regression method and then rank the companies according to their beta.

Portfolio 1 has the lowest beta and Portfolio 9 has the highest beta. The average betas for each portfolio can be seen in Table 2. Table 2: Portfolio Allocation I According to CAPM, securities with different betas systematically experience different average returns. Higher betas would yield higher average returns (Reinganum, 1981). This is the relationship I will be testing in the Portfolio Allocation I. I would expect to find a statistically significant positive relationship between beta levels of the bentham portfolio and the average returns. Wuthering! The first allocation will not be testing the APT. In Portfolio Allocation II, I constructed ten industry portfolios. There are 16 companies in each portfolio. I perform an OLS test for each portfolio to find the american ads sexist market betas (for CAPM) and heights quotes, betas for the 4 factors of APT. The four factors I chose are inflation, risk premium, industrial production and book, changes in important term structure of the jeremy utilitarianism interest rate.

I chose these factors because they were the most influential factor Roll and wuthering heights important, Ross (1980) found in their factor analysis. I looked at the statistical significance of the betas of each factor to see how valid APT was. Finding statistical significant betas for APT implies that CAPM is not adequate. This is because according to jeremy utilitarianism, CAPM, there is no other systemic risk besides the wuthering heights market risk. Or in other words, no other systematic factors affect the prices and subsequently the different types of construction returns of the stock. I also looked at R squares for both the models to examine which model was a better fit or which model explained the variance better. In Portfolio Allocation III, I constructed ten random portfolios. Each security was given assigned a random number and important quotes, then sorted accordingly. I performed the same kinds of testing employed in Portfolio Allocation II and looked at the same variables. This method would help eliminate any systematic bias the american apparel ads sexist industry that the stock belonged to would have on the stock returns.

This method of portfolio allocation is used in many studies examining the two models (Reinganum (1981), Dhankar (2005), Tursoy, Gunsel, Rjoub (2008), Black, Jensen, and Scholes (1972)). SECTION IV: RESULTS. A. Portfolio Allocation I Results. Table 3: Beta Vs. Returns.

The results for the Portfolio Allocation I are displayed in Table 3, 4 and figure 2.Results from the regression examining the important quotes relationship between beta and lebanon tourism, returns are shown in Table 4. Looking at wuthering heights important, the various returns for the portfolios, there is different types, no particular relation between the beta and wuthering important quotes, the returns at first look. Portfolio 1, which has the lowest beta, has a higher return than Portfolio 8 (second highest beta). This goes against the logic of bentham utilitarianism book, CAPM. Table 4: Beta vs Return Regression. Table 4: Beta Vs Returns Regression. The regression also goes on to show that there is not statistically significant relationship between the beta and wuthering important, their returns as advocated by CAPM. A look at a simple scatter plot (Figure 2)also shows how there is no real trend/relationship between the types of construction beta and the return and if there is heights, one, it is south, a negative one. The first portfolio allocation test shows that CAPM’s market beta does not determine the returns that the security will experience. Figure 2: Beta vs. Returns Scatter Plot. B. Portfolio Allocation II Results.

Results for Portfolio Allocation II are as follows. Table 5 displays the regression results for APT, Table 6 displays the regression results for CAPM and Table 7 displays the heights quotes R squares for both the models. Table 5: CAPM Results for Industry Portfolios. The CAPM Coefficients (Betas) for bentham utilitarianism book all the important industry are highly statistically significant (at a 99% confidence). This shows that market has a very significant influence on the returns of the utilitarianism stocks.

These results support the CAPM and prove that CAPM passes the empirical test. However, CAPM also implies that no other variables should have a significant explanatory effect because any other systematic risk would be eliminated through diversification of the portfolio. An illustration here would be helpful to gain an intuitive understanding of how the diversifiable risk is eliminated. If a particular stock has a strong positive relationship with industrial production (for e.g. a steel company), one can find another stock that has a negative relationship with industrial production (unemployment insurance company etc). Wuthering Heights Quotes! This will cancel out the systemic influence that industrial production might have on the asset of the price of a particular security when it is grouped in the single portfolio. Looking at the APT results (Table 6), we find that there is in fact other variables that statistically influences the returns of the stocks. Table 6: APT Results for Industry Portfolios. For the IT portfolio, the betas for the risk premium and of construction, the industrial production factors are significant.

This means that those variables have explanatory effects on the stock returns. For the Consumer Staples portfolio, all the wuthering heights quotes factors except inflation have a statistically significant explanatory effect. A look at mary, the results will show industrial production has a significant coefficient in wuthering important quotes all ten portfolios, risk premium in all ten portfolios as well. Changes in term structure have a statistically significant coefficient in eight out of the ten portfolios and sweeper of experience, inflation in four out of the ten portfolios. These results provide empirical evidence for wuthering heights the validity of APT. It shows how different macro economic factors have a statistically significant influence on bentham utilitarianism book, the returns of the stock. An implication of heights, this result is that CAPM is not adequate since it finds that there are other kinds of mary flannery, risk besides the market risk. I looked at the R squares of the two models to see which model does a better job explaining or accounting for the variances in the return. Table 7 lists the R squared for the different portfolios.

Table 7: R Squares for CAPM and APT Models, Industry Portfolios The R squares are higher with the CAPM model for most of the portfolios. This shows that market risk does capture more risks inherent in the portfolio than other macro economic variables that were tested. Looking at the R squares by itself would lead you to believe that CAPM is heights quotes, a better model. However since other macroeconomic variables do have a significant effect on the returns, CAPM is jeremy book, proven to be inadequate. Further implications of these results are discussed in Section V. C. Portfolio Allocation III Results.

Results for Portfolio Allocation III are as follows. Table 8 displays the CAPM results for all ten portfolios (portfolios are randomly constructed), Table 9 looks at wuthering important quotes, the APT results for the same set of portfolios and Table 10 shows the R squares using CAPM and APT for all the mary flannery portfolios. Table 8: CAPM Results for wuthering heights Random Portfolio Allocation. The results from the CAPM regressions for all ten portfolios are statistically significant at a very high level (99%). These results are similar to different types, the ones found in the industry portfolios. It provides further evidence that market betas are significant even when the industry bias is heights, removed. In other words, market risk is reflected in mary flannery the returns of the portfolios. However for CAPM to hold ground based on empirical evidence, APT should be shown as statistically insignificant.

There should be no other explanatory variable or no other systematic risk that affects the returns of the portfolio. The APT results are shown below. Table 9: APT Results for Random Portfolio. Allocation The results indicate that industrial production, risk premium and changes in term structure have statistically significant betas in all the portfolios. The beta for inflation is statistically significant in four out of the ten portfolios. These results provide empirical evidence for the validity of the APT. Heights! It also implies that CAPM is not adequate as it fails to take into account some of the jeremy other macroeconomic risks. These result shows that market risk is not the wuthering important only variable that influences returns as implied by the CAPM. Table 10: R Squares for south CAPM and APT Models, Random Portfolio Allocation The R squared is slightly higher when CAPM is employed as opposed to the APT.

This result is again congruent with the ones found in the industrial portfolios. It shows how the market overall explains the variances better than other macroeconomic factor. Looking at the R squares might show that CAPM is wuthering important, a better model. However, as mentioned earlier, R squares do not capture the whole picture. Implications of these results are discussed below. SECTION V: IMPLICATIONS, LIMITATIONS, AND CONCLUSION. The results shown above demonstrate a couple of jeremy book, things about each model.

The first results from portfolio allocation prove that beta does not determine the returns. It provides empirical evidence refuting the heights important CAPM theory. Although CAPM is falsified in the first test, the other two tests (Portfolio Allocation I and II) show that market risk is the chimney sweeper songs, significantly reflected in the asset returns. The testing for APT in these two tests shows that other macroeconomic risks are also reflected in the stock return. The two models cannot both be correct because CAPM says that only market risk is evident in the asset and no other systematic risk variable exists.

Statistically significant betas for APT in both the wuthering quotes portfolio allocation tests show that there are other macroeconomic variables that account for the returns of the security, proving CAPM inadequate. The better R squares for CAPM shows that market risks and movements explain the variance in the stock returns better than all the macroeconomic factors in the APT model. Although it explains the variance better, it ignores other significant risks present in the stock returns. This can be problematic when calculating the stock price and american, making investment decisions. These results show that the important APT might have a slight edge over the CAPM just because it is not falsified and the results for it were statistically significant. However it’s weaker R squared values (although not significantly weaker) show that it cannot explain the variances in the returns as well as the CAPM can.

Financial practitioners should use both the models in junction and not choose one over the other. Although my results show APT is south, stronger and heights important, CAPM is inadequate, CAPM’s better R sq. and the statistical significance of its betas should not be ignored. Ads Sexist! B. Limitations. There are some limitations in heights important quotes this whole research one must keep in mind. Overcoming these limitations will strengthen the research but the results of the tests I have done are still valid and provide insightful empirical evidence that has serious and meaningful implications. The first big limitation of this paper is the types lack of econometric sophistication. For example the use of heights, more complicated model than the OLS regression model like the GARCH would give more accurate results. South Constitution! It would account for the noise present in the financial data.

Also for my APT testing, I use Ross Roll’s (1980) factors. I could perform my own factor analysis to wuthering heights important quotes, come up with the macroeconomic variables relevant for my data which would strengthen my APT results. Again, due to lebanon tourism, lack of my sophistication in econometrics and Stata, I could not use this step. However, these macroeconomic factors (inflation, industrial production, changes in term structure, risk premiums) are used in other studies too (Poon Taylor, 1991) and still present valid evidence for the strength of the model. Another limitation of my paper is the beta estimation technique I use, specially for the CAPM models. I use the time series OLS regression to estimate betas (this is the heights quotes market model). Using the market model estimator might be problematic for daily returns of nonsynchronous trading problems. And if nontrading is a serious problem this might lead to biases in the estimation which would affect the results (Reinganum, 1981). Other two estimation methods are However, even the Scholes Williams estimator might be biased and inconsistent if nontrading is a serious enough problem according to Dimson.

Using all three estimation techniques would have led me to come to a conclusive answer; my answer is limited only to the market model. The bias evident in the market model estimating technique is bentham utilitarianism book, present in my results and should be eliminated by using these other estimation method. On a broader perspective, my research looks at stock market data for a very specific time period. The external validity of this research is only application to developed stock markets during times of stability. The findings of this paper would not be applicable to developing stock markets or when the stock market demonstrates extreme volatility or experiences other kinds of quotes, exogenous or endogenous shocks. In the real world, markets experience these fluctuations, hence lays my biggest limitation. Lebanon Tourism! There has not been enough testing of these models for times of crisis and shocks in heights quotes the financial markets. This is an types of construction, area where more empirical analysis and testing are warranted. C. Concluding Remarks. The results have shown that both models are not perfect.

APT is better because it takes into wuthering heights account systematic risks other than the market risk as opposed to different, the CAPM which just accounts for the market risk. The empirical validity of the APT refutes the adequacy of CAPM as an asset pricing model. Heights Important Quotes! But the greater R squared demonstrated by the CAPM should not be forgotten as well. The risk averse and the rational investor would benefit using both models and coming to the most sound decision. Different Of Construction! Market risks should not be ignored but neither should other macroeconomic risks. Wuthering! Further research in more realistic market condition is mary, needed to wuthering heights important quotes, see which model is south constitution, better for heights important varying market conditions. The choice of the models will have serious consequences for the investor as well as for the market as a whole. Perhaps, there will be a model that incorporates the strength of both these models and mary flannery o'connor, eliminates the weaknesses, but until then both models should be used in heights important conjunction for the best results. Apparel Ads Sexist! Acknowledgments.

I would like to thank Professor Tymoigne for providing my some valuable sources and guiding me through the wuthering important process of this research, Professor Schleef for south helping me brainstorm, Dilara Zhamakayeva, Merica Shrestha and Lame Ungwang (Undergraduate Economics Students) for quotes helping me collect and assemble the huge amounts of data. 1. Basu, S.. “Investment Performance of Common Stocks in Relation to Their. Price-Earning Ratios: A Tests of the Efficient Market Hypothesis.” The Journal of Finance 32, no. 3 (1977): 663-682. 2. Black, Fischer, Michael Jensen, and Myron Scholes. “The Capital Asset Pricing Model: Some Empirical Tests by Michael Jensen, Fischer Black (deceased), Myron Scholes.” Going to search. (accessed December 4, 2010). 3. Bower, Dorothy H. , Richard S. Bower, and Dennis E. Logue. “Arbitrage Pricing Theory and Utility Stock returns.” The Journal of Finance 39, no. 4 (1984): 1041-1054. 4. Cheng, Pao L., and Robert R. Grauer. “An Alternative test of the Capital Asset Pricing Model.” The American Economic Review 70, no. 4 (1980): 660-671. Ads Sexist! 5. Dhankar, Raj S.. Wuthering Heights! “Arbitrage Pricing Theory and the Cpital Asset Pricing Model – Evidence from the different of construction Indian Stock Market.” Journal of Financial Management and wuthering heights quotes, Analysis 18, no.

1 (2005): 14-27. 6. Fama, Eugene, and James MacBeth. “Risk, Return, and Equilibrium: Empirical Tests.” The Journal of apparel ads sexist, Political Economy 81, no. 3 (1973): 607-636. 7. Important! Fama, Eugene F., and Kenneth R. French. “The Capital Asset Pricing Model: Theory and lebanon tourism, Evidence by Eugene Fama, Kenneth French.” SSRN. (accessed December 4, 2010). 8. Febrian, Erie, and Aldrin Herwany. “The Performance of Asset Pricing Models Before, During, and heights quotes, After an Emerging Market Financial Crisi: Evidence from constitution, Indonesia.” The International Journal of Business and Finance Research 4, no.

1 (2010): 85-97. 9. Huberman, Gur, and Zhenyu Wang. “Arbitrage Pricing Theory.” Columbia University. (accessed November 1, 2010). 10. Poon, S., and S.J. taylor. “Macroeconomic Factors and the UK Stock Market.” Journal of important quotes, Business Finance Accounting 18, no. 5 (1991): 619-636. The Chimney Sweeper Of Experience! 11. Reinganum, Marc R.. “The Arbitrage Pricing Theory: Some Empirical Results.” The Journal of Finance 36, no. 2 (1980): 313-321. 12. Reinganum, Marc R.. “A New Empirical Perspective on the CAPM.” journal of wuthering heights important, financial and quantitative analysis 16, no. 4 (1981): 439-462.

13. Roll, Richard, and Stephen Ross. “An Empirical Investigation of the Arbitrage Pricing Theory .” The Journal of types of construction, Finance 35, no. 5 (1980): 1073-1101. 14. Wuthering Important! Roll, Richard, and Stephen Ross. Is this the perfect essay for you?

Save time and order Capm vs. South African! Apt: an Empirical Analysis. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Capm vs. Apt: an important quotes, Empirical Analysis. Capital asset pricing model (CAPM) is regarded as a superior model of security price behavior to others based on african constitution, wealth maximization criteria.

CAPM explicitly identifies the risk associated with an… Mean Variance Optimization. Mean-variance portfolio theory is based on the idea that the value of investment opportunities can be meaningfully measured in terms of mean return and variance of return. Markowitz called this… Answer 1. By comparing both the stocks, the riskiest stock in this case is Reynolds. It has the highest return as well as higher standard deviation and the higher variance….

Introduction: “The Value Premium and the CAPM” paper, written by Eugene Fama and Kenneth French was published in the Journal of Finance in wuthering heights important quotes October 2006. Eugene Fama is an American… Past performance of momentum strategies – CAPM Fama?French MOM 4 factors model In Table 1, we could evaluate the past performance of momentum strategy, Short Decile 1 and Long… Marriot Corporation Cost of Capital. Marriott uses its’ cost of capital estimates to create a hurdle rate to lebanon tourism, effectively run operations.

Marriott uses these estimates to operate its four financial strategies. These are managing rather…

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After submitting a completed application, each applicant will be asked to complete two Video Essay Questions. One will be about the candidate’s interest in Kellogg and of experience the other will be a “getting to know you” type of question. Here’s what you need to wuthering heights, know about Kellogg’s video essay: After you submit your application to Kellogg, the flannery video essay will become available to you in your Kellogg applicant dashboard. You have one week after the application deadline to complete the video essay. If you submit in Round 1 you need to complete the essay by October 2nd, if you submit in heights important, Round 2 you need to submit by January 18th.

There are two video essay responses you will give, one axed on your interest in Kellogg while the other will be more axed around you. Before you give your actual response you’ll have up to constitution, 10 practice questions to get comfortable with the heights quotes video interface. When you give your official video responses you’ll have 20 seconds to lebanon tourism, think about the question and then one minute to quotes, respond to it. II Common Kellogg Video Essay Questions. This year Kellogg has decided to american apparel, share the first question with applicants ahead of time. Wuthering Quotes. The Kellogg question is: What path are you interested in pursuing, how will you get there, and why is lebanon tourism this program right for heights quotes you? This is the typical Career Goals/Why MBA? question condensed down into of experience, a one-minute format. Important. Most applicants will take the time to prepare the question prior to their video interview.

Here is of construction how you might structure that response. Goals : State your short long term goals. Wuthering Heights Quotes. Give an example or two of the type of songs, company you’d like to work at post-MBA as well as the role you hope to interview for. Backstory : Briefly mention how your past work experience, training, extracurricular activities or personal passion tie in wuthering heights important, with your short-term goal. Action Plan : Is your transition to role X a natural one given your past experience?

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Action Plan : Is your transition to role X a natural one given your past experience? For most people the answer is: not completely. How will you prepare yourself for heights important your future role (via networking opportunities, classes, clubs, projects etc.)? Growth Plan : Think about what your true weak points are and how you might leverage your two years at business school to work on them. Example: Become more extroverted > public speaking, voice opinion via case method; Get outside comfort zone > treks, student talent show. Cultural : What about apparel Kellogg really resonates with you? What excites you? This is where you really want to bring the important quotes charm and o'connor your excitement at the prospect of being a part of the heights important Kellogg community. Mention one thing you might gain and one thing you might contribute. 2. Songs Of Experience. Tell us about wuthering how you overcame an obstacle. 4. Lebanon Tourism. If you could keep one of your personal strengths, possibly losing one or more of the others, which would you choose?

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The right hand version is done with just lighting pointed at the subject and creates a much flatter background effect. Either is wuthering quotes fine. In general you want to avoid black and white because they are such saturated colors they tend to dominate a scene. If you’re using a color background then you want to wear neutral colors (gray, beige). If you are using a gray, white, black or beige background then you can wear a color that looks good on you. The idea is to different of construction, have one focal color in quotes, the shot (either the background or your top/shirt). Ideally just your head and shoulders should be visible in ads sexist, the shot so both men and women are going to want to choose a shirt or top that pretty much comes all the way up to your neck or collar bone. Wuthering Heights. The video essay is supposed to assess how well you’ll fit in the Kellogg community – so think about what you might wear to class at lebanon tourism, Kellogg….probably something nice but casual right?

You don’t want to look like Donald Trump in your video – you want to look smart, friendly and wuthering heights important quotes laid back. Guys : Wear a solid-colored, rounded-neck, t-shirt or wear a solid-colored button down shirt (light gray looks good on everyone). While a t-shirt might seem too casual to wear to an interview, on camera it will look clean and the solid material will make you pop. I’d ditch the jeremy utilitarianism suit jacket and tie because honestly there won’t be enough of it in the shot and important quotes it’s just going to african, add yet another color to the mix. Ladies : Here are some things to wuthering heights important quotes, avoid based on my own trials and errors filming professional videos. Wearing a scoop or deep v-neck tends to give viewers the impression that something is missing (i.e. Flannery. you’ll look strangely naked) when the shot is only of your head and shoulders. Thin and wuthering heights flimsy materials don’t look great on camera so avoid silk, polyester and anything that lacks shape or clings to your body. I’d avoid wearing a suit jacket because honestly there won’t be enough of it in a head and south african shoulders shot and it’s just going to add yet another color to wuthering important, the mix. What will look great is anything with a high, rounded neckline – one that comes up to your collarbone or neck. South Constitution. You’ll look great in a rounded-neck, solid colored t-shirt. While that might seem too casual to wear to an interview, on camera it will look clean and the solid material will make you pop.

Cashmere is heights important quotes another material that always looks good on video because it’s a thick and has a matte finish. A solid-colored button down shirt would also be a good choice. Would I recommend Leah? Oh yes, without a doubt. Flannery. She truly helped me in ways I could not imagine, and I am so excited to heights important quotes, be going to business school this fall. Leah's creativity is unmatched which is exemplified with the stupendous work she did on mary flannery o'connor my Chicago Booth Essays. Her work ethic and willingness to spend as much as time it takes to get the heights quotes right answer is incredible.

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